Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello Friends!
I uploaded a YouTube video. Click here ~~> February 2011 Collective Haul
I hope you watch it and leave a comment. Also, please show your support by subscribing.
Thank you for stopping by!
Have an awesome day. ♥ 

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Vanity & Makeup Collection

Hi everyone!
I'm finally showing you my makeup collection. I know I don't have a lot because I've only started getting into makeup about 2 years ago so my collections isn't as huge as other makeup enthusiasts out there.
I'm not saying I didn't like makeup then but I'm more a minimalist and I still am, I just didn't care so much about buying a lot of makeup because I was content with what I had.

Anyway, you get the picture. Let's go ahead and see what I have now.

which you can get here: Sigma Makeup



I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Let me know what you think of my collection.
You can also watch the it here: Vanity & Makeup Collection, 2 Parts

Have a good day everyone! ♥

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Friday, February 18, 2011

RUSK THERMAL STR8 Protective Flat Iron Spray

So here's another product I found in H-E-B. It is a Protective Flat Iron Spray.
I have never used this product before. I was attracted to the bright yellow color of the can and this was really inexpensive.
I have been using TRESemm√©  Heat Tamer Spray and I really do like everything about it but I wanted to explore and try other products that are again, inexpensive.

When I first applied it on my hair, it felt like I was putting on hair spray. It doesn't make your hair wet like the TRESemm√© which I thought was a bit weird for a heat protectant. This actually made my hair sticky and a little stiff.
I tried it again and this time, I decided to section my hair, sprayed some close to my roots and teased. uhhuh... I was really surprised because it held up! So, I guess you can use this products for teased hair.
And I have been using this product mainly for that. I just can't get myself to grab it before I flat iron because I still love TRESemm√© Heat Tamer Spray.

So, here's another product that worked not for it's purpose but it definitely recycled itself.

That is the best thing about trying out new things, if it did not work then find new ways to make it work.

Enjoy the pictures!


I hope you found this review helpful! Feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to respond.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi there!☺
I am so excited to share this one with y'all!
I finally received my first BIRCHBOX on February 12, 2011. I signed up on January but It was a little late to get a box for that month and now, it has finally arrived and I am so happy!
This company is about sampling hing-end brands. They send out 4 to 5 deluxe samples every month or depending on what delivery option you choose or signed up for. Membership is $10/month but you can also pay a whole years worth for a discounted price. I'm not exactly sure how much though.

Alright, time to show the goods!

This is the actual packaging and it's so adorable because it's Pink.

Inside is another box with their logo. Really cute!

Has a paper that is neatly placed.

The products are neatly packaged with a ribbon.

It comes with a myfaceworks 'i need to be firm' Sheet Masks which I used the same night I received my package and I absolutely loved how it felt on my face. It's very cooling and smells like a really mild men's after shave.

From Left to Right:

-Befine Night Cream which I haven't tried yet but it is a good sized sample
-Sweetriot Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs. This tastes so good and crunchy.
-NARS Orgasm Illuminator. Gives a nice glow on the high points of your face.
-Pomega5 Daily Revitalizing Concentrate. Still haven't used it but the jar makes for a good place to put pigments and what not.
 From what you can see here, this is not even worth $10, it is worth more than that which is a really good thing.
If you are someone who likes to test out different products first before spending loads of money on a full size then this company is something you should look into.

Also, from other videos that I've seen on Youtube, they got a card with descriptions on how to use each product. I did not get one in my first box  so I had to go to the website and look up what some of these products are for but I'm hoping I will get one in my next box.

Another concern I have is with their e-mail service. I tweeted them about it first and I was told to e-mail them at the address she gave me and I did. I actually sent out a couple of questions and two days later there's still no response.

So, if you think this is for you then I suggest checking them out at and follow them on Twitter also because they can respond to your questions there more quickly.

If you want to see my vlog on this just click here ~~> 1st Birchbox. Yaayy!!!
Feel free to leave a comment, rate and even subscribe to be updated with new videos.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Snow Sprite

Hi everyone!
I recently bought this in H-E-B, my favorite market of all time. ☺
As usual, every time I go there, I would find the clearance shelves around the store and luckily, I came across this.
I own 246 Greed palette and I absolutely love it! When I saw this in the store I wasn't really sure if I'm going to like this one and I was thinking if I should get it the whole time we were in the store. Of course, I went ahead and bought this palette because the price is fair and it comes with an eyeliner... I was sold!

These are all shimmery shadows unlike the Greed palette which has 3 mattes and 3 shimmery shadows.

It comes with a shimmery eye pencil in Silver.

It is a Limited Edition.

w/out flash.

I tried to play with most of the colors and this is what I came up with.
Alright! I hope you all enjoyed my little review.
And if you ever get the chance to see wet n wild palettes, go ahead and grab them because they are worth the money.
Thank you so much for visiting! I hope to see you soon! ♥

Monday, February 7, 2011


Welcome back!
My family and I went to the Korean Store and this was my first time here. I was so excited to see how this place was and it did not disappoint.
I only have pictures of the food that my mom bought for me because that's pretty much what I wanted to get there. I love it!

It was my first time trying this and it is so addicting! They're light as a feather, soft and crunchy and it smells so good too! I cannot eat just one. haha...

They're bigger than my face!

This is what I came here for! Loooove!!!!

If you haven't tried this...Oh man! You'll love it! It's soft and buttery tasting. Super yummy!

Never tried this before and I hope it's good!

Now these are awesome! The texture is like a biscuit because it's not crunchy but more like chewy. I can only eat a few of this at a time because it is so rich and a whole box of this is just too much to eat.

This has got be my favorite and what I have been looking for. It is so flakey and crunchy that it melts in your mouth and don't forget the chocolate inside. Oh my god! I really love it!

You have got to try this!

That's it y'all!
I hope you enjoyed my food haul because I did. ^_^
Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again here!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Makeup from the 99¢ store.

Hi there! ☺
I saw this makeup and I thought I would give it a try. They also have more palettes, trios, blushes, lippies, and even nail polish. I didn't get anything else but this 6 pc eyeshadow palette.

It says $3.95 on the box but it is only 99¢.
(from the box) High-performance, velvety eyeshadows in professionally matched colors.
Light, medium and dark shades anyone can wear.
Go from all day to night, from subtle to dramatic.

Made in China. Designed in U.S.A.
It's about the size of my palm.

The color pigmentation is okay but obviously not that intense.
I would probably compare this to elf cosmetics but only for some of their shadows. They do have a velvety texture but it is a little chalky. I suggest a really good primer and base to use with this to get the best results. But for the price, I think this is really good for starters. This would be very useful for practicing and playing with different colors.

Let me know if you are familiar with his brand and what your thoughts are on this review. I would love to hear your opinion.

Thank you everyone! Have a good day! ♥

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little H-E-B Haul.

Hi y'all! Welcome!
You know... I seriously can't get enough of this store. Maybe because I've been going to Wal-mart only to buy groceries and stuff but when it comes to cosmetics, I hardly get them here.
Anyway, these are just a few items that I found in H-E-B last week and what an amazing deal they are and I could not pass it up.

*Click on the picture for a bigger view.*

Yes! $1.50! You wouldn't skip on this, would you!?!

It has jewels or glitters on it.

I believe this is a new and limited line from e by essence.  

It was less than $2

w/ flash.

w/out flash
The color pay off is really good for the price.
And 4 hours later it's still good.
 I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
You can also watch my vlog on this store right HERE.
 Thank you for visiting! Have a good day! 

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