Thursday, January 13, 2011


I bought this as a gift for my teenage cousin and I'd like to think that she loved it. Of course, she loved it! Who wouldn't want to get this as a gift?! I sure would like to have one. ☺
I haven't been back to Kohl's but if I ever do then this set would be in my cart. I really love the colors in this palette because they are a mix of earthy, neutrals and natural colors which I am a big fan of. They are nicely pigmented and smooth to the touch.

I also love the packaging on this one because it's hot pink and the price is definitely reasonable. I bought this for $29.99 and for 40 eyeshadows, this is absolutely a great deal!
I actually had to go back the second day because they were out-of-stock and the lady who works there was so nice and told me that they will re-stock the next day and thankfully they were there so It wasn't a trip wasted.

If you have used this palette let me know what you think of it and share your thoughts on here, I would really appreciate it!

Until next time... Have a good day! ☺

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