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Sigma Brushes Review

Hi everyone!
I've had these brushes for 2 months now and I have used them quite a lot already and have also featured them in some of my tutorials.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am affiliated with Sigma and I did get these brushes for free but I am not obligated to do a review on them. I chose to do so myself and this is my true and honest opinion.
I hope this will not discourage you from reading through this review. I want you to stay and continue to see  what I have to say about these brushes because it might help you figure out if these brushes are right for you or not.

Let's start from the beginning shall we.

This is what the packaging looks like. It is a regular envelope with bubble wrap inside to protect the products. What I like about this packaging is the clear tape on top of the envelope where the company name is printed. It just shows that they took the extra effort to personalize their packaging for everyone to see and they are proud of it.

In this picture you can see that there's 3 brushes in a pretty red mesh bag. I was given choices on which brushes I wanted and I chose 2 of the travel brushes and they threw in another one. I was so excited and a little confused because I only chose two and they sent three but she explained what the third brush is for.

This is what's in the package and it includes the brushes, a cleaning instructions card, 2 pamphlets of the brush set they have and a letter for being an affiliate member.

The Cleaning Instructions Card is very helpful so be sure to read this before use of your brushes. You can also find this information on the website just click on FAQ.

You can also click this picture to enlarge.
 These are the catalogues that shows you every single brush and it also gives you a description of what it's use for. I found this really helpful because I know exactly what brushes I should use for a specific job.
Basically, they are not leaving anyone clueless. They are sharing every information they can about their products and having these on hand is definitely much easier for me because it does cut the time of logging on the computer just to look at a specific brush and know what it's use for and I do take this out a lot and read over them. So, I am really glad that they thought of sending these out too.

Of course, these are not the only brushes they have.

They have a lot more products online.

And they are coming up with new ones.
Finally, here are the brushes!
~ SS168 (Old numbering system) or F40 Contour/ Blush Brush.
~ SS219 or E30 Pencil Brush
~ E25 Blending brush

They were all in plastics for more protection. These are all Travel sized brushes and I think that they are adorable! It's Pink Pearl color and who doesn't like Pink?! And the Blending Brush is silver.

These brushes are absolutely soft especially the Blush Brush. You want that to be soft because it touches your face and you don't want anything prickly on your face because it will irritate and cause redness.

When I first touched these brushes and examined them, there's a scent coming from the bristles and I wasn't quite sure what it was so I e-mailed Sigma about it and they were kind enough to reply and tell me that, "The scent is due to the fact that the brushes are made of natural fiber and wood. The scent of the bristles and brush in general will diminish over time. We suggest that you wash all brushes with a mild soap/shampoo before use."
When she mentioned that they were made of natural fiber, it made me curious and had to e-mail her back again. Again, she replied that, Some of their natural brushes are made from animal hair, such as sable, squirrel, pony and goat. However, no animals are harmed during this process and they do not test their products on animals. 
I am not familiar with they whole process of brush making so I'm just gonna have to trust what the company told me.
And if you're still concerned in this area, I suggest you e-mail them.

The second most important thing I noticed when I got these brushes are their color. It's a Pearly Pink! And who doesn't like that?! ☺
They also come in different colors and If you haven't seen the new collection, I suggest you check it out! (after reading this review. ^_* )

The Blush brush SS168/F40 is definitely the softest one in the bunch. It doesn't feel prickly on my sensitive skin. It didn't shed as much for the two months I've had it and I am really impressed with them. The bristles felt the same since the first time I used them. I don't mind the travel size at all and it works fine for me. To each their own.
I also tested this and another blush brush by sweeping them back and forth quickly on my fingers. Also, keep in mind that you wouldn't actually sweep this brush heavily on your face. This is just my way of testing what will happen. And these are the results.

The hairs on this brush did shed and broke.

This hairs on the Sigma Blush brush did not break but it did shed. 
I hope this illustration would somewhat give you a good idea on how tough but gentle the brush is.

The one I was really excited to try is the Pencil Brush SS219/E30. It's absolutely great for applying shadow on my lower lash line and for smudging. I also use this for the inner corners of my eye. This one is a little dense but not to the point where it pricks my eyes. It's dense enough to do it's job.

The Blending Brush E25 is also a soft brush since it is used to apply color on the eye area. It is a little dense because you need the pigments to stick and cling to the hair. It does a great job blending and applying a wash of color all over the lid because it is big enough and it's also perfect for my lid space.

I used baby shampoo every time I deep clean my brushes every week and it is preferred to use a gentle cleanser to help prolong the life of these brushes. I also let them dry flat, over night on top of a clean towel.

I hope this review was helpful to you and if you have any questions for me, feel free to leave a comment here and I will be happy to answer. And if you have any questions for Sigma Makeup, just click ~~> "SIGMA" and you will be directed to their site.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my review! Have a good day!


  1. I really like sigma brushes :)
    They are really soft. I only noticed shedding with the E30. And I really liked ur review :)

  2. @thepinkestbutterfly Thank you so much for reading my review. You are so sweet to stop by and follow me also. I'm glad you like your Sigma Brushes. Come back soon!

  3. i love sigma! they have such amazing quality for such affordable prices. i love my f80 brush :)

  4. @Donna ♥ Baby Thank you for stopping by! I can't wait to get my Sigmax also. I'll be reviewing that too. Come back soon!


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