Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little H-E-B Haul.

Hi y'all! Welcome!
You know... I seriously can't get enough of this store. Maybe because I've been going to Wal-mart only to buy groceries and stuff but when it comes to cosmetics, I hardly get them here.
Anyway, these are just a few items that I found in H-E-B last week and what an amazing deal they are and I could not pass it up.

*Click on the picture for a bigger view.*

Yes! $1.50! You wouldn't skip on this, would you!?!

It has jewels or glitters on it.

I believe this is a new and limited line from e by essence.  

It was less than $2

w/ flash.

w/out flash
The color pay off is really good for the price.
And 4 hours later it's still good.
 I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
You can also watch my vlog on this store right HERE.
 Thank you for visiting! Have a good day! 

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